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Product Overview

Nitrogen now. In every cell.


Envita delivers a new mode of action for nitrogen fixation in non-legume crops.

Envita is a naturally occurring bacteria – Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus (Gd), that forms a symbiotic relationship with the host plant and provides nitrogen to every cell in the plant, both above and below ground, throughout the growing season.

Unique to Envita is its ability to move within plant cells. It is the only bacteria proven to fix nitrogen within the plant cell – exactly where nitrogen is needed for plant growth.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Increased yield and return on investment
  • Early establishment
  • New crop opportunities for nitrogen fixation
  • Increased nitrogen fixation
  • Nitrogen fixation throughout the whole plant

How the technology works

  1. Envita forms a symbiotic relationship with the host plant.
  2. Once inside the cell, Envita forms a structure called a vesicle (symbiosome). It does not form nodules, but vesicles that mimic nodules and live throughout the plant.
  3. Nitrogen fixation occurs inside these vesicles.
  4. Once inside the plant, Envita will replicate and spread through the whole plant, providing an alternative source of nitrogen all season long.

How is Envita different than Rhizobia?

  • Envita unlike Rhizobia is not limited by crop type.
  • Can fix nitrogen across many different plant species, not just legumes.
  • Supplies every cell with its own nitrogen source, unlike rhizobia, which fixes nitrogen only in nodules on the roots.
  • Starts fixing nitrogen right away – this can help with early establishment.

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