Ottawa Valley Farm Show

Mar 12- Mar 14    |    Ottawa, Ontario

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Regeneration is the next generation of growth.

We Turn Potential into Viability

Commitment to sustainable, regenerative agricultural solutions has made us an innovation leader. Our proven process, credibility and industry experience fast tracks commercialization of emerging products, turning the seed of an idea into a solution that treats millions of acres every year. These products are thoroughly field tested to ensure NexusBioAg only brings solutions that are both agronomically viable and environmentally beneficial to the Canadian market.

NexusBioAg is committed to launching innovative products that focus on sustainability and regenerative agriculture because that’s what it takes to keep growers, the nation and the planet thriving.
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Who We Are

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Innovation leader in the Canadian Agriculture Market

Constantly expanding our diverse product portfolio to provide growers with the best suite of solutions.
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Regenerative Agriculture Solutions

Sourcing emerging technologies and products with an environmental and agronomic benefit.
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Industry-leading BioAdvantage Trials program

Building a deeper understanding of agronomics and the real-world performance of our portfolio.

What We Do

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Investing in innovation

We bring new and innovative products that work for growers across Canada.
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Building core resilience

We provide business insight and infrastructure support for partners with innovative products.
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Accelerate growth

We give growers access to products that help their farm business grow.

The NexusBioAg Advantage

The NexusBioAg Advantage for growers
– Products proven to help you get more from every acre

We test our products to maximize yield potential, helping today’s growers usher in a new era of unprecedented growth and sustainability. By putting our solutions to work in your soil and on your seeds, you can unleash the true potential of your farm.

The NexusBioAg Advantage for retailers
– You believe in quality and so do we

Our solutions won’t compromise on quality. We rigorously test every product we bring to market and ensure they always deliver what they promise. Our diverse portfolio offers solutions that complement each other, backed by the knowledge and insights you need to support your growers.

The NexusBioAg Advantage for partners
– Accelerating growth by clearing your path to market

NexusBioAg partners with agriculture innovators who share our core values. We expedite the commercialization of emerging regenerative technologies and ensure their effectiveness and sustainability through our rigorous BioAdvantage Trials program. Then, we deliver these proven products to Canadian growers through our well-established sales and distribution network.

Sustain your legacy.

What’s Next?

Since our launch, we’ve released 36 successful broadacre products, and that growth is just the beginning. We have in season solutions including inoculants, micronutrients, nitrogen stabilizers and more.