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Mar 12- Mar 14    |    Ottawa, Ontario

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Product Overview

Iron (Fe) 40%


F-227G is a high analysis granular product used for short-term correction of iron deficiency symptoms in plants.

Particle size: Size Guide Number (SGN) – 220
Bulk density (lb per cubic foot): 93 – 99
Salt index: 15

Key Benefits At A Glance

  • Proactive prevention of deficiency in the plant is a better agronomic practice than trying to correct chlorosis once it appears.
  • An acidic granule for solubilized iron is rapidly changed to insoluble phosphates, carbonates and bicarbonates.


FeIron Iron is essential for plant respiration, photosynthesis, and enzyme reactions in all crops.
Iron is an important component of the enzymes used by nitrogen-fixing bacteria in legume crops.

Application Rates