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Product Overview


Designed for broadcast or shallow banding applications with balanced protection against nitrogen loss.

Active ingredients

  • NBPT 17%
  • DCD 25%

Triple protection from:

  • Volatilization
  • Denitrification
  • Leaching




Product Information

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Key benefits at a glance

  • Protection of nitrogen from potential losses.
  • Helps to create an efficient nitrogen source for all crops.
  • Added to UAN to become a homogeneous liquid solution.
  • Added to UREA to evenly coat and penetrate each granule to the core.
  • Used in early spring and fall application of UREA or UAN.

Benefits of a nitrogen stabilizer

NEON nitrogen stabilizer products use PENXCEL technology, a uniquely formulated fertilizer additive for urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) fertilizers. NEON nitrogen stabilizer products utilize two highly concentrated active for triple-action control of nitrogen losses.

  • Select the right stabilizer to protect nitrogen against loss.
  • Take advantage of fall and spring applications of nitrogen.
  • Insure that your crops have available nitrogen longer into the growing season for optimal yield and protein.
  • Using a stabilizer is great insurance to protect your valuable nitrogen investment.
  • We can’t predict what the growing season will bring, hedge your investment with the proper stabilizer.
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