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Nexus Zinc Sulphate Granular

  • All Crops
Nexus Zinc Sulphate Granular
  • All Crops

Product Overview

Zinc (35.5%) Sulphur (18%)


Nexus Zinc Sulphate Granular is a micronutrient fertilizer to be used where soil or leaf analysis has indicated a deficiency to exist.

Particle size: Size Guide Number (SGN) – 275
Bulk density (lb per cubic foot): 93
Salt index: 80+ (estimate)

Key benefits at a glance

  • Optimum water solubility provides excellent plant availability.
  • Derived from zinc sulfate monohydrate, designed for granular blends and direct field applications.



Product Information

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ZnZinc Zinc shortages will results in shortened internodes, stunted plants/leaves, reduced seed set.
Zinc is necessary for chlorophyll and carbohydrate production.

Application Rates