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Product Overview

Phosphate Fertilizer Use Efficiency


JumpStart delivers enhanced phosphate availability for increased root growth and a larger leaf area. JumpStart is an inoculant containing the naturally occurring soil fungus Penicillium bilaiae (P. bilaiae), which grows along plant roots, releasing phosphate bound in the soil, making it more available for the crop to use.

Up to 90% of applied phosphate fertilizer goes unused in the year of application as it gets tied (bound) to soil particles and other elements, making it unavailable to the crop. Some of this is used over subsequent years, but at least 25% never becomes available. It is crucial to make the most efficient use of fertilizer phosphate to maximize yield potential.

Source: Better Crops Vol. 86 (2002, No. 4), International Plant Nutrition Institute (formerly: Potash and Phosphate Institute).

How It Works

Naturally occurring soil fungus to release bound mineral forms of soil and fertilizer phosphate.


Put Nature to Work for you

Penicillium bilaiae, the active ingredient in JumpStart, does not eliminate the need for phosphate fertilizer, but provides crops access to more phosphate for higher yield potential.

  • JumpStart results are greatest in soils with lower levels of available phosphate and high to medium levels of bound/unavailable phosphate.
  • JumpStart works at low soil temperatures when phosphate availability is normally limited.
  • In independent research, JumpStart resulted in a 22% increase in the proportion of root that contained root hairs and a 33% increase in the mean root-hair length in field pea.1
  • JumpStart can work in soils within a wide pH range. It is the level of available phosphate, not the pH, that determines the benefit of JumpStart.

1Source: Penicillium bilaiae inoculation increases root-hair production in field pea. Robert H. Gulden and J. Kevin Vessey. May 17, 2000.

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