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Product Overview

Nitragin Gold pre-inoculant was developed for bulk treatment by the seed processor.

It is a one-step system that provides a convenient and economical inoculant for your customers. Time on seed for alfalfa and sweetclover is 24 months and 6 months on clover.

Key Benefits At A Glance

  • Yield: Specially selected natural rhizobia strains result in high levels of nitrogen fixation for maximum yield potential.
  • Super seed adhesion: Micron-sized particles provide optimal seed adhesion and minimal “dusting off.”
  • Quality assurance: Drying system assures customers of high rhizobia levels on the seed.
  • Apron® XL /Allegiance® FL compatible: Compatibility with Nitragin Gold alfalfa/sweetclover and Apron XL and Allegiance FL seed treatments will allow the combined benefits of an inoculant and a fungicide where required. Note: Nitragin Gold clover is not compatible.

OMRI Listed

Nitragin Gold alfalfa/sweetclover is OMRI listed for organic use. It does not contain any genetically modified organisms, sludge or waste-derived products.

Note: Nitragin Gold clover is not OMRI listed.

Order your alfalfa, sweetclover or clover seed pre-treated with Nitragin Gold.

Product Packaging