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Product Overview

Breakthrough Performance For Soybeans


Optimize LV is a concentrated formulation soybean inoculant, new lower application rate of 98 ml/100 kg (1.5 fl oz/ 100 lb). 

Optimize LV is a retailer-applied dual action product that delivers the benefits
of a specially selected Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculant along with LCO (lipochitooligosaccharide) technology – helping to improve your crop’s potential by enhancing nutrient availability.

Features & Benefits

  • Greater opportunity for the development of nitrogen-fixing nodules with LCO
  • Enhanced nutrient capability, which supports root and shoot growth
  • Low application rate means more space on seed for other additives     
  • Broad seed treatment compatibility with 220-day on seed stability with additional extender for key seed treatments, otherwise 120-day on seed stability

What Is LCO Technology?

LCO is a molecule involved in the rhizobia legume nodulation process. When the LCO molecule is present at the time of planting, it allows for the nodulation process to begin, independent of variety, soil and environmental conditions.

With Optimize LV, the plant does not need to wait for the LCO signal as it is delivered on the seed, potentially reducing the time required for this process to occur naturally and therefore, accelerating nodulation and nitrogen fixation to the young crop.

How It Works

Dual-action inoculant to enhance nutrient availability and development of nitrogen-fixing nodules.

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Double Inoculate Your Soil To Help Maximize Yield Potential

Land that has been through less than ideal growing conditions, or has not had soybeans for a few years, requires special attention when it comes to inoculation. Double inoculation can help quickly establish high populations of rhizobia bacteria to help ensure the best possible nodulation and soybean performance. Land with a history of longer soybean rotations, or land with a history of flooding or longer periods of drought, is not conducive to rhizobia survival. It is in these soils that farmers will benefit greatly from the application of two formulations of inoculant.

For best results, you may apply Optimize® LV with Cell-Tech® or TagTeam® .

Learn more about how a double inoculation program could help maximize your soybean yield potential.

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